WALL 636

The idea for wall 636 has arisen over the years. Every time André had his hair cut at the hairdresser in the Gouvernestraat, the conversation turned to the wall, something had to be done. Many rebellious plans passed by, but when building Den Held got a new owner, one phone call was enough to convince Egbert, of VIOS Vastgoed, that this wall is extremely suitable for a mural.

THE PLAN >>> Never Ending Art Trip / 4198 photographs / 2008 – 2018

Rotterdam is the starting point of the Artist In The World series. The idea for this journey arose during an Artist in Residence in Kunst & Complex. The very first photo was taken on May 8, 2008, in the studio of Stephan Gross, the rest is history. Because André is on his way for 10 years this year, he wants to show all the names of artists and others he has photographed seen on their back, as an ode to the city of Rotterdam, in his unmistakable idiom on this central wall of 14 x 7 meters.

Building DEN HELD

WALL 636 will be realized on the rear wall of the Den Held building. A unique building on the Nieuwe Binnenweg 75 in Rotterdam. The building was realized in 1929 by the company Held’s Autohandel of the Den Held family.