PHK18 #17: CC #4 Contemporary Contemplations

On Sunday, January 20th we will raise a glass to the new year and our exhibition: PHK18 #17: CC #4 Contemporary Contemplations Centered around artists focussing on repetition, rhythm, and gestures with an emphasis on the moment and feeling of duration. New Years Opening Sunday, 20 January || 3 - 6 pm The touring exhibition Contemporary Contemplations was shown for the first [...]

PHK18 #15: THE GREAT WALL > 16 murals on view

16 muralists from our database applied their murals on the walls in our gallery PHK18. Within this exhibition, the emphasis is placed on the diversity within our range and how this diversity relates to space and the murals. If you are interested in obtaining a breathtaking mural for either inside and outside your home, office [...]