MURALS Inc. offers a broad overview of artists and their expertise when you are looking for a suitable wall-, ceiling, or floor painting for both the interior and the exterior. We are eager to make an appointment if you want to find out more about the working of MURALS Inc.

We would prefer to meet at your location. However, it is also possible to meet at MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY at the geographical center of Rotterdam. 

During this conversation, we would like to hear your preferences, what matters to you, and which location you are considering for a mural. At this point, we will review the range of possibilities and options.  

In consultation, we will pick the most fitting visual artist for the particular spot, depending on your wishes, location, and architectural space. In case you cannot decide right away, there is a possibility to order three conceptual design for a standard fee. For a sound overview, there is the possibility to visit some studios.

Once we know the preferred artist and space, we will issue a quotation including the timetable, supply conditions, and budget. 

The artist will present the final design once more for the last review. Subsequently, the approved design will be executed at the location. The order will be performed by the artist or an external party, depending on the assignment. Festivities and PR activities could accompany the delivery. For more information, see ‘Festive Revealing’.


You came to the right place if you are looking for a mural for the interior or the exterior for your company or home. Also for institutions or (semi) public spaces we could be of service. 

We present a broad range of contemporary murals like post graffiti, machine painting, lettering, text-based art, supergraphics, freestyle painting, deconstructie, postfuturism, public murals, concrete art. Some of the artists from our database have realized monumental outdoor projects. With peace of mind, you can leave the entire supervision of large-scale assignments to us.

MURALS Inc. works with artists who – more than the average – delve into the social backgrounds of the place or the entire building where the paintings will be applied. Employees, visitors or residents are assigned a role in the realization of the mural(s) or become participants in the history of the constitution in the form of annotations in book form. We, or the relevant artists themselves, can tell you all about it.


MURALS Inc. has its own production facilities: MURALS Inc. PRODUCTIONS. This means that we have all the expertise in house to supervise and realize assignments from start to end. We also work on behalf of external parties. You can hire us for all projects in which a wall painting has to be applied on any desired format and surface, both indoors and outdoors.

For a free quotation, please contact project manager Pepe Boudewijns at


The price for a wall painting depends on some factors. The size of the work, the accessibility of the location, the required equipment and the extent of the artist’s fame partly determines the rate. Furthermore, the execution technique and execution time also determine its price. An indicative cost for an average mural starts at approx. € 4000, –

An exception to the rule is Andrea Radai’s work; the starting price is € 450,- She makes miniature murals using oil paint in which the smallest size starts at 6 x 8 cm.

Prominent galleries, presentation-institutions, museums, art initiatives, interesting ad-hoc locations and other venues that desire temporary murals, can contact MURALS Inc. We use a significantly lower rate for temporary murals compared to the permanent ones. The prices of temporary murals are calculated in line with other standards and are considerably lower than permanent murals.

We work according to the guidelines of The National General Terms and Conditions for Art Assignments. You will find these conditions in the contract that we will draw up with you but limits the essentials specifically for assignments through MURALS Inc. 


Under the name ‘WALL TALKS’ Marleen van Wijngaarden, founder of MURALS Inc., holds lectures on murals. These lectures focus on specific subjects. Both the history of murals and all contemporary expressions are so rich in meaning and say so much about the time in which they were created that one lecture never will suffice.

If you, as a company, policymaker, elementary school, university, cultural institution or otherwise, would like a lecture on murals in general or on a specific component, please contact THE GALLERY >>

If desired, exceptional workshops can be initiated possibly in combination with the lectures.
Workshops and lectures can be organized at either your location or at MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY


Meer informatie over STOOKOLIE 010 vindt u hier → STOOKOLIE 010

Commissioning a mural is a special occasion and so is the initiation. If it pleases you, we will make sure to provide a festive revealing of your mural. Options are a beautifully designed invitation, an organic catering, wine tasting, oyster bar, exciting lectures, a high tea, or anything else that would make it even more special occasion. These options are all subject to consultation. 


Marleen van Wijngaarden graduated in 1991 as a visual artist from the Willem de Kooning, formerly Academy of Visual Arts, Rotterdam. After working as a visual artist for more than 20 years, she has gradually focused more on the organization of art projects and art space PHK18, after which she decided to professionalize this work in early 2018.

On Instagram to view earlier work MvW

Peter Couwenbergh, an architect and is since 1994 the managing director of ConsortArchitects (1947 – 2017) and since 2018 ConvexArchitecten. In this role, he has many buildings to his name including Garak Tower East, an office building in Seoul, South Korea.


An introduction to MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY

MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY is the physical space of MURALS Inc. the digital platform. This physical space is the workplace of an architectural office and all space that is not occupied by this office is at the service of THE GALLERY. This implicates that THE GALLERY has a beautiful platform entirely dedicated to the promotion of murals in all its versatility in relation to architecture.

In addition to thematic mural exhibitions to which our wall specialists will be asked to contribute, there will also be an interesting peripheral programme on the agenda.

Because of the coronavirus we are unfortunately, like many with us, not able to open our 1st show ‘PIEK SURVEY’.