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Aimée Terburg 1971, Groningen NL (Dutch / Surinamese origin) lives and works in Groningen

1994 BFA Cum Laude (5-year program), Art Academy Minerva Groningen (NL) Specialisation: autonomous painting, drawing, graphic arts

‘We see the world in three dimensions. The flat surface has two dimensions. Each work, each autonomous element demands how to react on the encounter of these dimensions. The action between material, my hands and eyes define a unity: what do they know, I construct and reduce… in time, until a simplicity that catches this.’

Aimée Terburg (1971) lives and works in Groningen (NL). As a process-oriented visual artist she constructs and reduces contrasts until a clear simplicity that highlights the encounter of ‘material – maker – viewer’.

Terburg is fascinated by spatiality and perception; how we relate to space. The contrast and simultaneous integration of oneself with space, a screen or a mental space is a subtle but powerful interaction that is reflected in her process approach and result.
Building on the history of formalism, using technical knowledge of perspective and colour, her subjective setting with colour and composition transcends in a reflective, defining process she wants to transfer to the viewer.

Aimée Terburg’s work is executed manually in a labor-intensive precision, although allowing chance to let the material play its part. In her paintings she chooses fast-drying acrylic as a paint. Captured or wiped off brush marks are rehearsed yet irreversible actions in layers with a limited time frame. Her drawings are shaded, fields erased and shaded further until the paper can rip. Every decision in this time-absorbing or time-limited work has a consequence. Her murals are site-responsive, tuned into their architectural surroundings and altering light conditions. The contrasting geometric interventions, colours, and reflection define the spatiality or plane. Terburg catches her process in a unity that slowly triggers the eyes and creates subtle shifts in perception.