Project omschrijving



Amose, 1979, Croix in the North of France


2018 Cicero association Le Mur 12 / Paris ( France ) / Mural painting

2018 IPAF Festival / Marseille ( France ) / Mural painting and collective exhibition

2018 City of St André / St André ( France ) / Mural painting

2018 Street art festival / Villejuif ( France ) / Mural painting

Born in 1979 in Croix in the North of France, Amose began his artistic studies in 1996 in the illustration section of the Institut Saint Luc in Belgium than at the Beaux-Arts in Tournai. Currently, he works on various projects in his workshop in Lille.

From 2003 to 2010, he was an active member of the Mercurocrom collective composed of 5 former students of the Saint Luc Institute (Eroné, Nada, Spyre, and Sfer) with whom he collaborated on many murals painting, exhibitions, and other projects. Since 2010, he works alone and has created a screen-printing workshop in parallel with his mural painting activity. In recent years, he has painted frescos in various cities around the world such as Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Cologne, Djerba, and Paris. He has also been exhibited in Vienna, Paris, and Berlin. In Amose’s highly graphic work, curves become tangled revealing human forms with abstract faces. The postures are dreamy, distant, the compositions voluntarily deconstructed. He deconstructs the forms of the human body which he recomposes while keeping their dynamism and vivacity. Amose’s work is influenced by Brazilian mural art and futurism.