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Boris Tellegen a.k.a. Delta


Industrial Design Engineering, Delft, 1988-1994

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Boris Tellegen a.k.a. Delta (1968) began his artistic career in the Eighties as a graffiti artist. He distinguished himself by breaking away from the 2-dimensional surface which he worked on. Through his education in Industrial Design at TU Delft, he learned to give architecture and design a place in his work and so his work became 3 dimensional. In mixed media sculptures, he seeks and looks into the border between coincidence and consciousness, order and chaos, or as he puts it himself ‘the semblance of order that is undone by chaos’.

“My work is in collage, sculpture, drawings, videos, and installations. It investigates the tension entre schedule and happenstance; the semblance of order schematic undone by chaos. Mankind is driven by an unshakeable faith in progress, Where modern technology and constant growth leads us to a better world. My work explored a different outcome, Where the force unleashed automated Develop structures and minds of Their Own.”