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Christian Schellenberger, born 1980 in Berlin, studied at the Academy of Art Berlin Weißensee (2005-2009) as well as at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (2009-2012). His most recent works have been shown at the Japan Cultural Foundation in Cologne (2019), Kunsthalle Recklinghausen (2018), Gallery b2 (2018), and the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (2018). In 2009 he won the art prize Young West 09. He also received a travel grant from the Saxonian Cultural Foundation to go to Beijing (2014), a DAAD scholarship for China (2015) and a work grant from the Hans and Charlotte Krull Foundation (2019).

Christian Schellenberger (D)

My drawings are mostly created outside of the studio while traveling or on the go: On my way to the studio, in the S-Bahn, on buses or trains. On longer trips I develop more expansive drawing series. When drawing, I set a process into motion that is determined by control and coincidence, but also by physical effort. I observe what I draw and react to my own actions. En route and in the movement itself, I discover different strokes, scribbles, lines, writings and gestures, which I exercise, repeat and condense.

When working on large-format wall drawings, I proceed systematically: I begin at the lower left-hand corner and draw in writing direction. Placing one row over the other, I work my way up the wall. By constantly repeating the same strokes, I immerse myself in my movements. I accompany the lines that change over the course of the drawing process. Sometimes they are shorter, sometimes longer; sometimes straight or crookedly curved, and they all go in different directions. Still, I execute each stroke as precisely as possible so it will fit the overall writing flow. While I acquire a special kind of concentration over the course of this process, the growing structure on the wall attains a shimmering intensity affecting the entire space.