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DAG (Przybilla) (D)


DAG (Pryzbilla) 1964 born in Eberswalde/East-Germany. 1985–1989 studied painting and graphics at Art Academy Berlin-Weißensee and art education at Humboldt-University, Berlin. 1994 exhibited at the first Chromapark show at Berlin. Solo carrier and Collaboration work. Works are shown at numerous international gallery’s and museum’s exhibitions.

Since my studies I have been working with abstract geometric forms. Influenced by Kasimir Malevich or Wassily Kandinsky they are the starting point of my non-objective paintings and murals. As an artist in post-socialist and reunited Berlin, I have tried since my earliest works to find my own handwriting that can assert itself against the realistic art predominant in Berlin – both in East and West Berlin – and take on a place in the emerging techno scene. The special climate after the fall of communism (1989/90), between political wasteland and a new avant-garde, influenced my art, which I developed further, always oriented to the basic elements triangle, square and circle. My paintings are pulsating constellations that flood canvases as well as exhibition spaces, turning the white surfaces into a playground for geometric turbulence.