Project omschrijving



Elbi Elem is a Spanish artist working and living in Barcelona.

She has exhibited or made urban art interventions in places as

Spain, France, China, Japan, EEUU, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Holand, Norway, and Azores Islands.

With a great capacity for spatial vision and after almost 20 years of making kinetic sculpture, this is reflected in her mural work where she continues the searching for balance, and where movement, dynamism, and volume are her premises.

Passionate about architecture attaches importance to the background and what surrounds the wall making it participate in some way, integrating bordering colors, continuing and projecting lines and perspectives of adjacent buildings, or creating an anamorphic image that makes the viewer participate in the mural.

Guided by her experience, and a strong belief in intuition and flow, she often does not use the previous sketch, composing in situ at the time, what it makes an echo in the result becoming a work full of energy.