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Elian Chali, 1988. born and lives in Córdoba, Argentina.

Without academic studies, Elian has trained as a self-taught, in the contact with others and also participating as an active agent of the Argentine counter-cultural circuit. He considers that the experience of living cities is the best school for your life and work. With 4 individual shows and more than 10 groupal exhibitions, his works can be found in more than 30 different cities in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Spain, United States, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Peru, Paraguay, Republic Dominican Republic, Russia, Uruguay and Ukraine, among others.

He founded and co-directed Kosovo Gallery (2012-2015, cba. ar), coordinated PUENTE. Art / Public Space. (2013,, was curator in chief of MAC contemporary art fair (2018, cba. ar) and participated in several debates and conferences around the world. In 2016, was published his first book titled “Habitat” and his work can be found documented in publications and editorial projects about art, design and architecture.

Elian Chali

My last years of artistic work have been based on watching the city, understanding the mechanism and studying all the satellite issues floating in it’s orbit. It’s a kind of observation that doesn’t relate on just being an observer, but getting involve on it’s arteries in different ways; city like a support, city as a subject of study, city as a critical space.

Specifically about the formal aspects of my artistic activity, I intend on using the most quantity of posible tools and devices to achieve an idea. I always start on the reverse path guided by the issues that concern me, until reaching to the necessary and right resource to capture my vision. The goal isn’t the personal develop of a technique, is to establish a dialogue with what surrounds me.

In my life art is not only the observed result, something like a machine product. Art is a methodology applied on every aspect of life. It is a possibility of talking and listening. Seen on this way, any aspect or domestic situation can be nutritious to creating ideas. Art is everywhere.