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Mathieu Julien (FR)

Mathieu Julien is an illustrator, graffiti artist and visual artist who lives and works in Paris. He is best known for his work in the Jeanclode and Jeanspezial collectives, of which he is the lettering specialist, alongside Nicolas Barrome Forgues and Sébastien Touache. With the director of animated films Jin Angdoo, he also forms the duo Amateurs navigating with experimental creations between design and contemporary art (exhibitions at the DMA gallery in Rennes, Straat Gallery in Marseille, Confluence gallery and Monte en l ‘ Air in Paris). He is also at the origin of the Moderne Jazz network, which brings together graffiti artists from different horizons around original artistic projects. Together with Guillaume Pellay Julien runs the publishing company called ‘éditions peinture’.