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PHK18#16: according to the line

ArtistWillehad Eilers aka Wayne HorseBeschrijvingPHK18 #16: according to the line. Aan deze tentoonstelling bij PHK18 zullen 5 kunstenaars een bijdrage leveren waaronder Willehad Eilers aka Wayne Horse. Eilers is participerend muralist bij MURALS Inc. en zal voor deze tentoonstelling een omvattende muurtekening realiseren. De 4 andere kunstenaars zijn Simon Schrikker, Renie Spoelstra, Reinoud van Vught en Riette Wanders. Over hen is informatie beschikbaar op onze site
Comissioned byConvexArchitectenArt directorMarleen van Wijngaarden
ProducerMURALS Inc.Thanks toPeter Couwenbergh, Maribelle Bierens assistant


PHK18 #16: according to the line

Exhibition runs until January 5th, 2019


Willehad Eilers aka Wayne Horse / Simon Schrikker / Renie Spoelstra / Reinoud van Vught / Riette Wanders

PHK18 #16: according to the line
PHK18 is proud to present According to the line. The 16th iteration of PHK18 revolves around drawing with works by Riette Wanders, Reinoud van Vught, Renie Spoelstra, and, murals by Simon Schrikker and Willehad Eilers aka Wayne Horse.
The line perpetually heads in a different direction. Riette Wanders’ expressive charcoal drawings focus on essential elements such as form, line, and surface. With the act of painting at the core, Reinoud van Vught’s colorful drawings incorporate explosive organic forms. Recreating scenic landscapes in charcoal based on film footage, Renie Spoelstra conceives drawings with a delicate balance between light and dark. Drawing in thick layers of oil paint, Simon Schrikker creates dynamic drawings depicting fighting dogs that burst of energy. Willehad Eilers aka Wayne Horse will conceive a mural in his quick and vibrant drawing language.

The energetic all over compositions of the works reinforce each other when brought together. Their visual charisma and dark earthy tones bring a raw quality to the exhibition. Follow the line and see for yourself how they flow into each other.