Project omschrijving



Roland Schimmel (1954), graduated from ABK, Arnhem.
He had shows in galeries in Europe and the U.S.A. Museum shows amongst others: Van
Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2012 and 2014), Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (2006),
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2008), De Appel Art Centre, Amsterdam (2014), Centraal
Museum (2016);
Commissions a.o.: Culturgest, Lissabon, Portugal, De Key, Amsterdam, Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, The Hague, SKOR, Amsterdam, ABN AMRO, Amsterdam, SCHUNCK, Heerlen, Province
of Noord Holland.

Halo’s and after-images have always triggered my imagination. They are the result of a natural mechanism of the eye: to recover from one stimulus and tune into the next. This happens automatically and for a large part below the threshold of daily perception. It takes an attentive and receptive eye to notice. The painted afterimages in my work generate a spontaneous interconnectivity between the mural and the observer: it activates the awareness of the subtle gaze.

Roland Schimmel, January 2018

‘… The visual effect is overwhelming: the after-image on the retina slides over the painting, creating an impression that is more than the work of art in front of us. It is no longer possible to tell where reality stops and projection begins.

…. If you look at Schimmel’s work and see the complementary colors appearing on your retina, you also gain sudden insight into the endless variety of possible options underlying every word, every action, every choice: the complementary forms of what actually exists…’

Andreas Broeckmann, Cat. Deep Screen, Stedelijk Museum