With Machine Painting, the process is at least as impressive as the result. During ART ROTTERDAM both can be seen on the site of the Van Nelle Factory. Machine painters’ Rutger de Vries and Ash Keating will make dynamic murals on a temporary wall.

Rutger de Vries (NL/D) will install a construction of water pipes on this wall. Instead of water, the paint will flow through it. There are 2500 small holes in the pipes, according to a thought-out scheme the paint will be ‘released’ from these holes per series of pipes. The paint will create a structure that will be built up layer upon layer.

Machine Painting emphasizes one of the many new developments in the field of mural painting. The artists base these techniques on substantive principles and a lot of trial and error. The applying of paint takes the form of an intriguing performance, the results are ultimate of an exciting and outspoken character.

Take note of the releasing schedule on Wednesday, February 5th.

The MURAL MACHINE PAINTING SHOW is supported by Stichting Droom en Daad, CBK Rotterdam, Koopmans verf en Convexarchitecten

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