MURALS a consultancy and production agency for contemporary murals. The initiative has proven itself in a short time as an essential platform that provides insight into the world of contemporary mural painting. Currently, we selected 47 muralists based on quality, originality, diversity, and suitability for its destination. All artists are specialized in applying murals for living spaces: for the inside or outside of your home, office space, and (semi) public areas.

On Sunday 17 June the opening of PHK18 #15 will take place: THE GREAT WALL. Over de course of the last couple of weeks, 16 muralists from our database applied their murals on the walls in our gallery PHK18.

PHK18is a space for contemporary art and relates to a work environment focused on architecture. PHK18 is located in the geographical heart of Rotterdam and has a space of almost 1000 m2 including a patio. Due to the exciting layout, high ceilings and beautiful walls, visitors can experience the murals as intended: within a lively context.

Jasper van der Graaf will take care of a festive opening. He is one of our muralists and a vanguard artist in the field of abstract murals and initiator of various impressive projects such as ABSTRACT WALL PAINTINGS THE STYLE 100 YEARS I, II & III. 

On MURALS Inc.and PHK18, one will find all information about birds and possibilities.

On  Instagram, one can view hundreds of top murals in a glance of an eye.

If you are interested in obtaining a breathtaking mural for either inside and outside your home or office, visit the exhibition of our website to get acquainted with the powerful simplicity of this oldest form of art.