PHK18 proudly presents #18: nine to five
a mural show
The title ‘nine to five’ refers to an office life that has largely been ceased to exist. Flex spaces, irregular working hours, working from home. Even if the old working hours are adhered to, there is a big chance that the workplace itself has also been subject to change. This is the case in the office of Convexarchitects, where PHK18 has been offering a rotating exhibition program since the end of 2013. The company’s open approach has enabled the unfolding of an interesting experiment which has had consequences in various areas and levels. Edition # 18 ‘nine to five’ presents 9 remarkable murals. These murals relate to the architectural space and contribute, through their distinct character and original visual language, to an inspiring working environment.
MURALS Inc. is an agency specialized in contemporary mural painting and is part of the Bureau voor Kunst | PHK18. Be surprised by the power of wall paintings within a business context as well as the visual and content qualities of 9 of our wall specialists: Jeroen Erosie / Guido de Boer / Graphic Surgery / Harry Markusse / Naamloozz / Petra van Noort / Christine Rusche (D) / Vakki (KR) / Rutger de Vries
Be welcome at the festive opening on
Sunday, April 14 | 3 – 6 pm