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MURALS Inc. an introduction

An introduction to MURALS Inc. a platform for contemporary mural painting

MURALS Inc. is a Rotterdam-based consultancy and production company specializing in contemporary murals. There are currently 55 contemporary muralists in our database. They represent a broad range of styles and approaches, in which quality and expressiveness are of equal importance.
MURALS Inc. offers to match you with a muralist according to your requirements and is the very first agency for contemporary muralists.

Why choose a mural?

Murals are a specific form of art which reflects a strong continuation of architecture and is capable of accomplishing a radically different impact because of its size in comparison to paintings, photographs, or sculpture. A mural placed at the right spot contributes to its architecture, a vital addition to its spatial appearance. It is seamless and has the simplicity of being present.

All artists involved in MURALS Inc. are specialists in their field. Spurred by talent, they are capable of analyzing the specific characteristics of a space, and their metier leads to a distinctive experience. Not just illustrative or fun, but original, relevant, unexpected and sparking discussion.

Why pick MURALS Inc.?

An Art curator and an architect found MURALS Inc. Accompanied by longstanding experience and knowledge of both architecture and visual art, makes MURALS Inc. a trustworthy partner. Spatial ability and expertise in visual art will make sure to offer guidance on how the merging of both, results in an unparalleled ocular experience.

MURALS Inc. is familiar with the concerns of the involved parties and will respect them. This understanding will lead to the best possible collaboration and result. MURALS Inc. is most eminently suitable to turn your wish into reality.

On the venue of MURALS Inc, one can find an intertwining of the vivacity of an architectural firm and  MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY

You are very welcome to join us for a tour in which you can experience the murals and related other forms of art amongst the office spaces yourself.


An introduction to MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY a kunstpodium for contemporary mural painting

MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY is an Art podium with an unique mission. We question the role of mural painting in the present time. With well-curated (thematic) exhibitions we show the high quality that contemporary mural painting has to offer.

We work with muralists who have a strong view of mural painting as an art form and are always exploring new perspectives and senses.

We represent renowned muralists as well as a new generation of urban artists.

See you in the Piekstraat 31!